HH Electronics Active Full Range Enclosures

Professional transducers coupled to our dynamic and efficient Biamp modules deliver impressive levels of clean clear sound without the harshness and brittle character often associated with active cabs.


Tessen-x logo

Engineered for the best audio quality, with complete flexibility and class-leading features, the TESSEN-X series sets the standard for high power, compact, professional systems. Equally at home on the road or installed in a venue, the TESSEN-X series is a sound investment.


Vector category

A great all-rounder, the VECTOR Active system is packed with valuable features for every application. A three channel mixer, media player, Bluetooth connection, a powerful amplifier and of course responsive HH drivers in a lightweight moulded cabinet make the Vector an essential item.


Tessen 2017 logo

Sharing many of the features of the higher power TESSEN-X series, the new TESSEN series continues our reputation for affordable high performance systems. Onboard DSP and flyware, asymmetric Class D amplifiers with switching power supplies, and high performance drivers ensure the new HH TESSEN series is a worthy successor to its predecessors.