Tama Drums Accessories

A variety of accessories and replacement parts for Tama Hardware and Drums

Pedal Accessories

Tama Pedal Accessories

A selection of accessories including beaters, springs, Drum Hammers and add various add ons.

Hi-hat Stand Accessories

Tama Hi-Hat Stand Accessories

A list of accessories and add ons for your Tama Hi Hat Stand.

Stand Accessories

Tama Stand Accessories

A range of stand attachments, memory locks and felts for a variety of Tama hardware.

Tom Holders

Tama Tom Holders

A selection of tom holders.

Multi-Clamps & Attachments

Tama Multi-Clamps & Attachments

Fittings to attach various accessories to your existing hardware.

Rhythm Watch

Tama Rhythm Watch

The first timekeeper designed specifically for the band

Tension Watch

Tama Tension Watch

The TW100 measures actual head (not tuning rod-tension) on an easy to read meter, so you can record the numbers and duplicate your best tuning time after time.

Tama Logo Stickers

Tama Logo Stickers

A selection of bass drum head logo stickers.

Wood Hoop Saver

Tama Wood Hoop Saver

Special adhesive pieces protect your wood hoop from being scratched by the bass drum pedal from slipping.

Drummer's Glove

Tama Drummer's Glove

The Drummer’s Glove softens impact to the hands during playing and prevents sticks from slipping away from you.

Tune-Up Oil

Tama Tune-Up Oil

Machine oil for lubricating the moving parts of stands, pedals, and tension bolts. Also protects pedal chains from rust.

TAMA Drum Heads

TAMA Drum Heads

A selection of front bass drum heads.

Snappy Snares

Tama Snappy Snares

Various snare wires


Tama Hoops

A selection of bass drum hoops

Drum Keys

Tama Drum Keys

Drum keys to adjust your hardware


Tama Washers

Various cymbal washers.

Sonic Mute

Tama Sonic Mute

Removable, reusable & reliable mute patch. Adjustable for optimum precision and control.

Practice Pads

Tama Practice Pads

A selection of pads and accessories for you to train with when away from your kit.

Mesh Heads & Cymbal Pads

Tama Mesh Heads & Cymbal Pads

A selection of drum heads and cymbal covers designed to give you same response of a live drum kit, but without annoying your neighbours.