Tama Drums Hardware

From cymbal stands to drum pedals, all your hardware needs are here.

Drum Pedal

Tama Drum Pedal

A wide selection of bass drum pedals designed for players of all levels and personal requirements, combined with cutting edge engineering designs.

Multi-Clamps & Attachments

Tama Multi-Clamps & Attachments

Fittings to attach various accessories to your existing hardware.

Tom Holders

Tama Tom Holders

A selection of tom holders.

Hi-hat Stand

Tama Hi Hat Stand

Various hi-hat stands tailored to various styles of play, combined with cutting edge engineering skills.

Cobra Clutch

Tama Cobra Clutch

The Cobra Clutch enables a closed hi-hat effect the way it should be: operated by the hi-hat foot, and with the flexibility to adjust the hi-hats as tight or loose as you want.

Drum Throne

Tama Drum Throne

Various stools and thrones designed to offer support and comfort.

Snare Stand

Tama Snare Stand

A wide selection of snare drum stands to fit both popular size and none popular size snare drums.

Cymbal Stand

Tama Cymbal Stand

Various cymbal stands designed with unique features for players of all levels.

Combination Stand

Tama Combination Stand

Hardware designed to encorporate several features in one stand

Double Tom Stand

Tama Double Tom Stand

Hardware designed to carry 2 hanging drums on one stand.

Starclassic Performer B/B

Tama Starclassic Performer B/B

By using bubinga wood for the inner layers of a birch shell, TAMA has created a mixture that provides a new sound with a sweeter and deeper tone. This combination exhibits the focused attack of birch along with the enhanced lows of bubinga.

Superstar Hyper-Drive

Tama Superstar Hyperdrive

Hyper-Drive is the new standard depth size on tom toms. Its short depth creates enhanced attack, punchy sound, and quick response. And more it allows you to set up the rack toms in lower position. So, you can post the tom toms more freely.


Tama Silverstar

The TAMA Silverstar line has received much praise worldwide, because it delivers professional sound and quality at an affordable price.

Power Tower System

Tama Power Tower System

Tama Power Tower Systems utilize strong 38.1mm (1.5”) round tubing which allows drums and hardware to be positioned quickly and easily. A wide range of different attachments add another dimension of flexibility to Power Tower systems.