Tama Drums Snare drums

An assortment of snare drums including the SLP, Signature and Starphonic range.

Steel Mini-Tymps

Tama Steel Mini-Tymps

Another very affordable way to add new colors to your kit, TAMA’s Steel Mini-Tymps provide new accents with a clear and “cracky” sound to just about any style of music

Signature Palette

Tama Signature Palette Snares

A selection of fantastic snare drums designed in conjunction with Tama’s highly rated endorsee’s including Mike Portnoy, Lars Ulrich and Stewart Copeland.


Tama SLP Snares

The SLP range is made up of 4 wood shell snares and 4 metal shell snare drums. Each one has been specially designed to enhance the sonic properties of each shell even down to the fact that each of them have their own specially designed lugs and rims to help bring every last bit of the tone out of your snare.



The new Soundworks snares from Tama gives you three choices of materials, with Maple, Kapur and Steel shells available in different sizes for any sound required.


Tama Starphonic Snares

A symphony of sound springs to life from each STARPHONIC drum as a result of their combination of unique special features: naturally resonant shell materials, Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snappy Snare wires, and a specially Grooved Hoop for a totally sharp but open sound.