Zildjian Cymbals Drumsticks & Mallets

Crafted to the same extraordinarily high standards as Zildjian cymbals, Zildjian drumsticks and mallets simply feel great. Manufactured with state-of-the-art consistency, they are 100% guaranteed straight.


Zildjian Anti Vibe

Patented technology effectively reduces unwanted vibrations while maintaining the best attributes of a hickory stick. Great for the drumset, or try them on a practice pad for surprising comfort and feel.

Artist Sticks

Zildjian Artist Sticks

Derived from each Artist’s individual style and custom crafted from the finest hardwoods.

Brushes & Speciality Sticks

Zildjian Brushes & Speciality Sticks

We don’t stop with sticks. Nor should you. How about brushes? And specialty sticks? This is where we get creative

Hickory Sticks

Zildjian Hickory Sticks

Crafted to the same manufacturing standards as Zildjian Cymbals and guaranteed straight.

Laminated Birch

Zildjian Laminated Birch

Constructed from resin coated plys of U.S. Birch wood, this dense material provides heavier weight, consistency, feel, and durability. Our super-solid cross stick improves instrument projection and brightens tonality. Add this stick to your bag to expand your sound.


Zildjian Mallet

Impeccable mallets for cymbals and gongs.

Maple Sticks

Zildjian Maple Sticks

This light wood allows for larger diameter sticks without the weight.