Forged from a durable copper and zinc-based alloy,
Planet Z Cymbals are shaped and lathed into bright, exciting, superior sounding cymbals.

Outfit your kit right out of the box. This set includes a pair of 14 inch hi-hats, 16 inch Crash and a 20 inch ride cymbals you need to start out right and play like a pro.


16” Crash – Planet Z Crash cymbals give your music a pronounced punch with full, exploding sound. This lively and versatile crash will cut through when you most need to accent the beat.

20” Ride – Planet Z ride cymbals provide clear stick definition on top of underlying tones that don't get out of control. Use the loud, piercing bell for patterns and accents or play more towards the outer edge of this
multifaceted cymbal to create a washy, high-volume wall of sound.

14” Hi Hats – Planet Z Hi-Hats house a range of sounds depending on how you play them. They're clean and crisp when closed, and big and aggressive when open. 14 inch pair for more volume and cutting power.