GH Range - GH100L

The GH100L sets out with a single goal in mind – that of being a tone monster!

Resisting the temptation to cram as many tones as possible into a single unit, the GH100L focuses on providing the player a great sound canvas. In other words when you plug your guitar in you'll find a great basic sound, and personalising it is just a simple knob tweak away, instead of spending days pouring over a manual full of garbled techspeak.

The GH100L offers a simple, uncluttered appearance, a theme which continues through to the use of the amplifier.



The pre-amp is logically laid out – a single channel format with footswitchable gain, three band EQ, volume, presence control and resonance switch. All designed to add to your guitar's tone rather than getting in the way of it. Everything about the front panel compliment shouts simplicity and the only feature which might be new to a player is the Resonance Switch – which affects the damping response of the amplifier and hence the bass response. What does this mean sonically? A tighter more focused low end – try it and see!

The rear panel of the GH100L offers you everything you need to interface your tone machine with out board gear – a selectable FX loop that can be set to work in three different modes depending on what you want to achieve. A selector switch determines which mode the FX loop operates in, either Bypassed, Series or Parallel.


Try any guitar through this amp and for once it's impossible to get a poor sound – Laney have found the magic formula to produce that great sound canvas mentioned earlier – plug in, tweak the controls – and it simply sounds great. Wind the volume up and things become tonally very rich, lots of usable hi's and lo's and when you kick in the overdrive facility you immediately understand the magic in this range of heads – blistering high gain with tone to spare.

Finished in Laney's now famous livery and ergonomic side grab handles the GH100L looks every inch the tone monster it is.


The ideal companions for the monster GH100L tone are the GS212IE, GS412IA and GS412IS cabinets, designed to handle anything that the GH100L can throw at them.

Partner the GH100L with a GS212IE and you have a stunning, compact rig which you can use on even the smallest of stages – great tone and superb projection, or for bigger gigs try the GH100L with GS412 cabinets.

All Laney cabinets are loaded with premium Celestion drivers – hand picked to do the job.


Channels1: with footswitchable Gain
Packed Carton Dimensions (HxWxD) (mm)Width 678 x Height 240 x Depth 253
EqualisationBass, Middle, Treble
FootswitchFS1 (Not included)
FX Loop(s)Yes (Switchable Insert / Side Chain) with return level
HandlesRecessed top mounted handles
InputsHi & Lo Jacks
Link Jack (Line Level Slave)Yes
Master Presence ControlYes
Output ValvesPremium EL34
Power100 Watts
Preamp ValvesPremium ECC83
Speaker connectionsConnections for 1 x 16 ohm, 2 x 16 ohm, 1 x 8 Ohm, 2 x 8 ohm
Switchable ResonanceYes
Switchable valve bias (5881 EL34)Yes
Weight22.5 Kg